It’s Okay to Cry.

Hello readers. It's been weeks since I posted something on my blog, and a lot of thinking, crying, working, laughing and gaming has been on my schedule. Now I'm tired of being sad, being angry, being sick and mostly being disappointed in myself. And also, I want to stop imagine things that I don't even … Continue reading It’s Okay to Cry.



Hi readers! Sorry for the very late birthday-post. I have no excuses, I know that I've been lazy, not feeling great. It's been rather hard for me to focus on one thing, and one thing only. But it's better to post something later than never, right? Todays' post will contain positive vibes and some updates … Continue reading Birthday-Post.


Hello readers! I've been thinking a little bit about my blog recently and what I want in return from you guys. My readers, whom I care about very much. I'd like to discuss about seeking attention and sharing thoughts, or sharing experiences. With other words, I don't really have much to say about it, but … Continue reading Attention?